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Our Microcrystalline Wax is white in color and has higher tensile strength and melting point. Due to its unique molecular structure, it is more branched and circular, resulting in an excellent adhesion. Microcrystalline Wax is tougher and more flexible and is used in the manufacture of candles, skin care creams, gels, ointments etc.  It is also used in packaging and plastic industries.
We offer Microcrystalline Waxes in 25 kg Cartons.



Typical Specifications

Drop Melting Point

ASTM D-127

70 - 80 C

Needle Penetration At 25 C


25 45

Colour (Max)

ASTM D-1500

0.0 0.5 (Max)

Oil Content

ASTM D -721

Less than 2.0

Flash Point (Coc)


260 C

Viscosity @ 98.9 C

P: 25

15 20 Cst

UV visible Absorption

ASTM D-2008

Passes Test




Acidity & Alkalinity

P: 2

Passes Test.

Residue on Ignition


Passes Test

Organic Acids


Passes Test

Fixed Oils, Fats & Rosins


Passes Test

Click here to download Microcrystalline Wax specifications

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